About Us

Jaguar Skin was established in 1997 in Blackpool, as a tattoo studio specialising in creating unique, individual designs based on its clients' wishes.

This foundation is what we want to focus on and promote. We are fanatics of art: including painters and graphic designers, therefore we want for our tattoos to look like works of art on the skin, painted or drawn on, a lot of our compositions are created in freehand which gives the best effect, especially with cover-ups, and the client is involved in the creative process from start to finish.

Work in a busy, tourist-filled location means we meet a lot of visitors of Blackpool and create flash art, meaning smaller tattoos which can be souvenirs from a holiday, and serve to reinforce a great memory.

If you're set on a larger piece we ask for contact in advance and sending in a desired look or description of it.

The best ways to contact us are through email and of course over the phone.


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    Tattoo Artist
  • Monika is the founder of the studio Jaguar Skin as back in 2007 she utilised the Get Started program and created the tattoo studio. The primary location was on Central Drive and the current location is at 31A Dickson Road.

    Monika spent her life in a range of artistic works including painting and graphic design, tattooing turned into her daily passion although she would never refuse oil painting which she practises to this day.

    Modern tattoos have the same variety and possibility as painting, meaning everything is possible to transfer onto the skin – the only limit is your imagination.
    It's an amazing task and goal, creating a collection of fully painted-style tattoos which are ,inarguably, the greatest works of art of our time.

    Tattooing is a mysterious and magical dialogue of the artist, tattoo artist and the client, who changes permanently in the creative process, as the tattoo does not only change someone's appearance.

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    Tattoo Artist
  • The tattoo artist with many years of experience. 5 years in Jaguar Skin Tattoo in Blackpool.
    Feels comfortable with all styles, black and grey and colour tattoos.
    Bring your own design or ask for individual, custom work - you won't be disappointed!