Does a tattoo hurt?

Yes, that is the simplest way to answer. The pain is a subjective feeling. The pain is resembled by a very weak electric shock. After 5 minutes the body numbs itself and releases its own anaesthetic which has a good influence on the health being altogether.

Which places hurt the most?

These places are know to hurt the most: feet, ribs and the armpit area. In those places we apply a numbing cream.

Is getting tattoos addictive?

We think that getting only one tattoo and not wanting another is unusual. Our bodies think that we are better with more, so we want more. It is worth choosing a running style in your tattoo to match future tattoos and some even form their own collection.

How long does a tattoo heal itself?

A tattoo heals for about a week but it heals fully after about a full month.

How do you look after a Tattoo?

The thing to remember is: You should keep your cling-film on for at least 3 hours or over night if the tattoo was done in the evening. Then you should clean the tattoo with water and leave it uncovered. During the first three days, make sure you only wash the tattoo not soak it and we recommend you take short showers rather than long baths. Make sure you apply Bepanthen ointment around four times a day.

Does a tattoo need fixing?

We recommend to comine back after 3 – 4 weeks and show the tattoo to the artists so that they can check if everything is healed perfectly Jaguar Skin always recommends to check your tattoo for the perfect results