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  • Saturday September 6, 2014

Permanent makeup will never let you down! While wearing permanent makeup you can go swimming in the pool or sea, use the sauna and jacuzzi, you can get wet or cry from happiness and it will always stay on perfectly in its place. You can wake up daily, perfectly made up! Permanent makeup is the best way to make your face look the best it can. Today, we can enhance your natural beauty in a way that will make it more apparent, and demanding to be seen.

• Brow and lash line, as well as the lip outline and colour can weaken with time. In a day,permanent makeup can fix what has been damaged throughout years.

• The first step before a permanent makeup procedure is colour analysis, meaning choosingappropriate or desired colours in comparison with the client's hair colour and appearance.Secondly we draw the proposed brow shape, lash line or lip line and we enhance them until the client is fully satisfied.

• We execute permanent makeup using the finest, professional tools. We use 100% sterile, disposable needle kits (cartridge) – new for every client. The inks we use for the makeup are produced by a renowned American company Custom Cosmetic Colours. The excellent quality means that the colours do not alter and retain their durability for up to 5 years.

• We possess abilities and qualifications to apply permanent make up confirmed by certificates.

• We offer competitive, reasonable prices. The cost includes a second appointment for any necessary corrections, these would take place 2 – 4 weeks after the procedure.

• In our salon we offer:

1. permanent makeup for the brows including the filling in and hair­stroke methods,

2. permanent makeup for the eyes including liner on the lash line for a natural or decorative eyeliner look

3. permanent makeup for the lips including the shading and filling in methods.

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