3D tattoos

  • Friday October 3, 2014

3D tattoos are the most exclusive kind of all! Tattoo artists use their fine art experience to be able to achieve a real life illusion. Many colours and shades are mixed to create a 3D effect. Our customer needs to be rather patient due to the very detailed procedure, but the final result is hmm... rewarding.

It is very important to find the appropriate motive which can be transformed into a 3D TATTOO. The best are objects which cast shadows or motives containing watery illusions like dew or diamonds, which wind up our minds when the light plays.

3D kind of tattoo is possible because tattoo inks nowadays are very easy to mix together so an experienced painter (in this case the tattoo artist) can create new tones as he or she pleases. This process is absolutely the same as in oil painting for instance, that is why tattooing is just another kind of ART.


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